5 Reasons to Go Stay at Tennis Camp

Why should you participate in an adidas Tennis Camp this summer? The better question would be why not! There are so many benefits to joining us, but we tried our best to narrow it down to the five below reasons.


All ability levels are welcome

Tennis is one of the most enjoyable sports out there. We want to make sure everyone gets to experience it as early and as often as possible. If there’s any interest at all, now is always the right time to act on that feeling.

We put an emphasis on creating a positive environment for children ages 8-18 to receive training and instruction from some of the best in the sport. It’s called the “sport of a lifetime” for a reason, and whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, we want to be a part of your growth in the game!


Our camps are available all over the country

Chances are there’s an adidas Tennis Camp near you. We currently have camps located in 19 different states, including Connecticut, New Jersey, Iowa, California, Georgia and many more!

We’ve made this many camps available for a couple of reasons. One is that we know tennis is a popular sport throughout the country, but there are also great tennis instructors and coaches all over the nation that want to share their experience and knowledge with you.


You’ll learn these six things

We pride ourselves on providing a well-rounded experience. There are many variations of our adidas Tennis Camps, but whether you stay overnight or just for the day, you’ll get everything necessary to be great on the court.

Some of the drills and training we focus on include: being a good sport, perfecting the serve, improving form, playing with integrity, setting goals and preparing mentally.


We pride ourselves on providing individual attention to campers

Every tennis camper is unique, and we want to provide as much of a customized experience as possible. After checking in, each player will be evaluated so they can receive the correct type of instruction based off experience level.

There is typically about 30 hours of instruction at our camps, and most locations also offer videotape analysis to break down your form as much as possible. The smallest adjustment could make a huge difference on the court and our coaches are dedicated to finding anything that could take your game to the next level.


There are tons of options to fit your busy schedule

School is out in the summer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you and your family aren’t still busy! When it comes to making a time commitment to tennis camp, there are three basic options we offer: overnight, extended day and day camps.

Overnight camps provide a complete experience that includes room and board. Extended day camps allow you to still get the most out of your tennis camp experience without spending the night. We also have day camps available for campers who aren’t able to be away from home for the entire day.

So, what are you waiting for? There are tons of benefits to attending an adidas Tennis Camp this summer – all you have to do is sign up!

Interested in signing up for an adidas Tennis Camp this summer? Click here to find a camp near you and receive more information.