How Can You Keep a Tennis Volley Alive?

A young camper does a tennis drill for beginners to improve his fundamentals.

For tennis players at the beginning of their careers – whether they aim to be a competitive player or play the game just for fun – learning how to keep a volley going is a valuable skill. The overall goal might differ: you could be playing for points or just trying to keep hitting the ball back and forth with a friend. Whatever you’d like to accomplish, there are a few tips in order to make it happen.

After all, nothing can be more frustrating than having to stop and start every two seconds because it’s difficult to keep a volley alive. We’ve all been there, so don’t feel like you’re the only person that struggles with it! From the sidelines, hitting a tennis ball seems pretty simple, but there’s a lot more skill that goes into it.

In order to keep volleys going while you hone those skills, it’s perfectly OK to modify the game to some degree. It doesn’t have to be for very long – just long enough for you to get comfortable with sending and receiving the tennis ball on a consistent basis.

Here are five ways that you can keep a tennis volley alive while playing with another person:

  • Play two-bounce tennis
  • Someone can trap or catch the ball before hitting it back
  • Someone can trap or catch the ball and throw it back
  • Instead of a net, use a rope or caution tape
  • Someone can also perform a two-hit rally (tap the ball to themselves before hitting it over)

The most important thing to remember here is to adapt the game to your skill level so you’re both comfortable and in a good position to keep growing within the game. Don’t forget, this is supposed to be fun! You may think it’s more fun to play with a net or without any of the modifications, but you’ll get there sooner than you think.

For any kids who are beginners, we also encourage you to try one of our adidas tennis camps this summer to help take your game to the next level. While our focus is getting campers to improve on the court, we make sure all the growth is done in a fun and positive environment, which will also help further along your passion and love for the game itself! We bring in some of the top coaches from the sport, but also make sure to keep the camper-to-coach ratio as low as possible so there’s ample opportunity for personalized instruction.

Why do we do this? Well, we’re aware that not all of our campers will be joining us at the same skill level. Some will be beginners, others will be in the middle, and then more will be on the competitive side. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in attendance goes home feeling as if they improved in multiple areas of their game.

We hope you’ll join us this summer – we can’t wait to share our love for the game with you and help advance your own love for it right along!