App for Tennis Players of All Abilities

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Adidas Tennis Camps is excited to announce a new Tennis360 Hub mobile application in partnership with Tennis360 LLC for the benefit of our tennis campers. This unique and easy-to-use app provides players the ability to connect with each other, request and schedule matches,

locate courts nationwide, provide valuable player traits and track scores.

“We believe the Tennis360 Hub app will allow for greater connections and improved experiences for our tennis campers” said Matthew Cook, Director of Marketing at Adidas Tennis Camps.

Users of the app will be able to:

• Find Players by home court, distance, city, skill level (NTRP, UTR), gender, player type (Singles, Doubles), and player category (Wheel Chair, Tournament, League)
• Request and schedule matches, or broadcast play request
• Leverage built-in calendaring function to track upcoming matches.
• Record scores and playing traits.
• Tag favorite players for recurring play.
• Find nearby courts by city or distance, and view court facilities.

For players under 13, parents need to act as administrators.

“We are confident once players register for this service it will become a great tool for players to connect, and get more opportunities to play”, said Amit R. Gupta, Founder of Tennis360 Hub.

Tennis360 Hub App is available as a FREE download on iPhone and Android

More information can be found: or