Why Overnight Tennis Camps are Good for Kids

Tennis Campers

Summer is just around the corner and parents who are looking to fill their children’s summers with fun, positive experiences and activities should consider an overnight tennis camp. In addition to providing young tennis players with hands-on instruction and on-court tutorials, lessons and games, overnight tennis camps also provide kids with an opportunity to make great friends, try new things and create lasting memories.  Here are the five greatest reasons why tennis-focused, overnight summer camps are the perfect summer activity for kids:

1) Overnight Tennis Camps Provide High Quality Instruction

Summer tennis camps have great trainers on staff. Regardless of whether you have a child who is just learning the game or an advanced tennis player who is in the midst of preparing for a competitive college team, summer tennis camps are a great way to ensure  hands-on instruction and lots of learning.

Kids who take part in an overnight tennis camp can expect to spend anywhere from one to three hours playing tennis every day. Generally, instructors facilitate a wide variety of lessons, games, challenges and tutorials to keep this on-court time interesting and educational. During an overnight summer tennis camp, kids hone their game and learn new skills in a fun and lasting way.

2) Overnight Summer Camps Offer Outdoor Activity

One of the main benefits of an overnight summer camp is that it will get your child outside and keep him or her engaged and active in a positive way. At home, the temptation to lie around watching cartoons all day can be far too great. At a summer camp, this temptation is removed. During an overnight camp, kids spend their days playing tennis, eating in a fun group setting, learning new things, exploring new hobbies and playing with other kids. These experiences will help children feel happier and healthier while also encouraging them to grow up to be active adults.

3) Overnight Summer Camps Encourage a Self-Confidence Boost

Although overnight tennis camps are well staffed with engaging, professional, responsible adults, children who go to overnight summer camps will get a large self-confidence boost from the experience. By being immersed in a totally kid-centric environment, kids learn to really be themselves. They make new friends, tend to their own needs more than they do at home, and discover what truly interests them.

By going to a summer camp and having a great time, kids learn that they can survive and thrive without being by the immediate side of a parent or sibling. This is an exciting moment for a child and the self-confidence boost that results from this realization will serve your child well in school, at home and in their personal lives.

4) Kids Meet New Friends During Overnight Summer Camps

Who hasn’t come away from an overnight summer camp with a new BFF? Summer camps bring children from all across the country and put them together in a fun, supervised environment. In addition to teaching your child new skills, an overnight summer camp will also give him or her a chance to meet other kids from across the country.

Whether they’re playing side by side tennis games or having a pizza night with their new coaches and friends, the social experience of an overnight summer camp helps children become socially confident, happy, and self-assured. The friendships your child makes at summer camp may last a lifetime and the social confidence he or she gains during the experience will translate into confidence and fulfillment down the road.

5) Summer Camps Provide Many Additional Activities

Even the most avid young players can’t play tennis all the time. Because of this, overnight tennis camps often feature a long list of additional activities from which kids can choose. Depending upon the location of the camp your family selects, these activities could include horseback riding, archery, ropes courses, swimming, fishing, canoeing, hiking, arts and crafts, theater, talent shows or even camping.

Because overnight summer camps expose children to so many different activities, kids may discover a hobby at summer camp that they want to pursue at home. In addition to broadening your child’s horizons, the discovery of new passions and interests helps kids take control of the things they want to explore.  Overnight summer camps expose children to healthy, positive activities and may help them set the tone for the hobbies they take part in for the rest of their lives.

Regardless of whether you want your child to hone his or her tennis skills or are simply looking for something to take up a part of your child’s long summer vacation, an overnight summer camp is a great option. Overnight tennis camps are offered across the country and the admission price for most includes meals, hours of fun, supervised activities and housing in dormitory style living quarters that are perfect for memorable ghosts stories and late-night giggles.

An overnight summer camp provides kids with great, hands-on tennis instruction, opportunities to build self-confidence and make new friends and plenty of positive, fun activities that will help children build habits of physical activity and good health. Perfect for kids of most ages and available across the country, overnight summer camps are a great option for children who want to explore, play, build confidence, make new friends and create great memories this summer.