2024 Vermont Summer High-Performance Tennis Academy

Chris Lewit Tennis Academy

Londonderry, VT 05148


*For those who do consecutive weeks of overnight camp, the weekend in between the weeks are included in the total price.

Chris Lewit Tennis Academy Vermont, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Vermont's Green Mountains, is one of the premier high performance tennis training centers in North America, developing champions from the United States and Canada--and from around the world.

We specialize in small group training under the direct supervision of experienced professional coach, Chris Lewit, and his team of trained coaches. In addition, we feature some of the best physical training resources in the world, having access to many Olympic-level trainers who are involved with the elite snow sports in the Stratton and Okemo Mountain areas.

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One unique aspect about CLTA summer camp is that Chris is personally available to discuss each student's summer development plan and goal-setting, and he works with each camper in small groups (only 2 players per court per coach) each day.

Camp is open to all ages and ability levels. We assess each camper's ability during the first session of camp and make sure they are grouped according to their age and abilities so this way we can tailor the drills, games, and match-play to fit their individual needs.

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Contact Matt Cook to connect with Chris directly! 203-418-8473 or email Support@TennisCamper.com

About Our Coaches

Chris Lewit

He is a dynamic, innovative leader in the high performance tennis community.  After playing #1 for Cornell University and training and competing for several years on the professional tennis tour, Chris found his passion and calling as a developmental coach shaping the games of gifted junior players, serious adults, and other students willing to commit seriously to the study of tennis.

Chris Lewit is known for his unique qualities that make him highly sought after as a coach, not only for his unparalleled knowledge of the technical/tactical game, but for his forceful intellect; rigorous academic mind; demanding, physical teaching style; and ability to motivate and inspire a diverse group of students. Chris has developed many top national junior players--many who are now competing on the pro circuit--and he has extensive experience building the foundations of prodigies, especially at very young ages.

Although he is a full-time dedicated coach, Chris maintains a very high level as a player, and he still competes on the USTA and ITF Professional Futures Circuit, when his schedule allows.

For Chris, a coach must lead by example and be a role model--both on and off the court. Chris Lewit students fight to win, but Chris expects them to always win with integrity, honor, and sportsmanship.

Kim Lewit

Kim Lewit, RYT-500, who is a master yoga teacher, will be leading yoga classes daily in the mornings for all campers. Classes will focus on flexibility, core strength, and the mind/body connection for athletes.

We believe strongly in having a great physical training program for our campers--not just great tennis. Our program prioritizes injury prevention. Players will have Yoga and injury prevention in the am daily. In the afternoon we will have strength training or agility or stamina sessions. We also usually play a competitive soccer game in the morning or afternoons each day.

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Camp Details

*For those who do consecutive weeks of overnight camp, the weekend in between the weeks are included in the total price.

Our summer camp is for players of all ages. Players must be between 9 and 18 years old for boarding, although we can make exceptions for older or younger kids on a case-by-case basis. We do have many young super stars coming to train with Chris, and if the players are 8 years old or younger, they usually come and stay with their family.

With 2 Players per court and coach ratio, your child will get semiprivate training all day long with the special Spanish ratio every week of camp! We have 4 courts on site for training, so that means for every tennis training session, we take a maximum 12 players per session, and Chris works on the court with the players individually within the group. We believe this is what makes our training so special: the individual attention every player receives and the chance to interact and work on court directly with Chris each day. Because we are so small, we know each player and his or her game very well, and we can address details that larger camps often overlook.

All players receive an assessment from Chris during the week and Chris works with each player to set some training goals and a development plan for the length of his or her stay.

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Overnight: Check in 4-6pm Sunday afternoon at the Upper Pass Lodge

(all meals are included)

Day: Check in 8:30am Monday morning (9am the rest of the week) and pick up at 5pm.

Summer Camp Student Housing

Summer students will be staying at the nearby Upper Pass Lodge, www.upperpasslodge.com, which offers comfortable room options with private bath in a charming New England setting at the base of Magic Mountain. The Lodge also has a lovely outdoor swimming pool for our students to enjoy daily after practice. Students will be roomed together by gender and age or by request. CLTA counselors and coaches live at the lodge, and players have full-time supervision.

Food and Meals

The Upper Pass Lodge has a full restaurant, The Red Slate Restaurant, and will provide nutritious chef-made meal options for our players including a breakfast buffet and bag lunch. The chef can accommodate all types of special nutrition requests. Please notify us in advance of your special dietary restrictions and we will accommodate.

Grocery Visits

There is a supermarket near the club and we will take the players to the market once per week, usually on a weekend day, so players should bring their favorite snacks and plan on having a week’s supply on hand before being able to go to the store.

Refund and Make Up Policies:

Students are allowed to make up any missed academy classes during the summer season as long as space allows and with approval. Summer make ups will not be carried over into another season. All summer make ups must be used by the last day of the summer season. Other makeup situations, such as extreme cases due to serious illness or major injury must be discussed directly with Chris, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Under no circumstances will refunds be given, only credit.

One unique aspect about CLTA summer camp is that Chris is personally available to discuss each student's summer development plan and goal-setting, and he works with each camper in small groups (only 2-3 players per court) each day.

Camp is open to all ages and ability levels. We assess each camper's ability during the first session of camp and make sure they are grouped according to their age and abilities so this way we can tailor the drills, games, and match-play to fit their individual needs.

Contact Matt Cook to connect with Chris directly! 203-418-8473 or email Matt.Cook@eCamps.com

Reviews (10)

reviews-10 Ryan F - Father

Chris' attention to detail and patience creates a unique learning environment that allowed our daughter to improve and develop at an extraordinary pace. As a result of Chris' coaching, in less than two weeks she transformed her serve and strengthened all aspects of her game. The intimate, family oriented environment in Vermont that focused on training on and off the court also created a fun but demanding experience that helped build confidence in our daughter and has allowed her to compete at a national level. She can't wait to go back this summer to continue to work on her game!

reviews-10 RJ - Father

We are very fortunate to have found an academy such as the Chris Lewit Tennis Academy where we can take our son (a top 100 nationally ranked junior) to during the summer and know without a shadow of a doubt that the greatest care and diligence in his tennis development will be of the utmost priority with proven results evident after attending the summer camp and our willingness to continue to travel out of state to place our son at the academy with such passionate and knowledgeable coaches.

reviews-10 Marleigh M. - Mother

My son has been attending CLTA summer camp for the past two summers, and is looking forward to this coming summer, also. in fact, his younger brother will be joining him. it has been a very enjoyable experience for him, with the perfect combination of fun and hard work. his tennis game has improved enormously in a short time, as well as his dedication and commitment. the staff is very personally invested and skilled. Chris and his assistants provide a great balance between play and instruction, both physical and psychological, which is essential for young athletes.

reviews-10 Eric K. - Father

My 14 year old son Liam has been attending the CLTA summer tennis camp since he first started playing the game as a 10 year old. During this time Liam has played in USTA tournaments, starting as novice and working his way to a top 30 ranking in the East.. I can state without question that Chris Lewit and his coaches at CLTA provided the best environment for player development. Liam would come after spending the day at camp and tell me “Dad I want to play more tennis”. I can only attribute this to Chris and his staff making the learning/training experience enjoyable while at the same time being highly effective. I often have spent time at CLTA observing how the camp is conducted, the coaches take time to talk with students and are always instructing proper techniques and strategies. They don’t just hit balls for hours. I believe it is the best tennis environment available in the area and I would recommend CLTA to any parent looking to help their child develop both on and off the court.

reviews-10 Sarah G. - Mother

My daughter attended Chris’s camp for the last two years and improved her game significantly each summer. Besides the drills and point play, she received daily technical instruction and correction from Chris. She also developed close relationships with the staff, experienced players who were genuinely excited to help her improve and reach her goals. The personal attention and support she received really distinguished this camp experience from that of other tennis camps.

reviews-10 Mother of Camper

Chris pushed my boys to their best. Everyday, my boys got home exhausted but look forward to going back next day. They improved a great deal in their stokes, footwork, stamina, mental toughness, and work ethics during the summer. Compared to others, Chris's camp has fewer kids on each court, and each kid receives more individual instructions. Everyone worked so hard there.

reviews-10 Seth H. - Father

Our 12-year old son had a great experience at Chris Lewit Tennis Academy summer camp, and we were delighted as well. Chris really knows what he is doing -- his tennis camp is fun but at the same time serious about tennis, challenging but not punishing, productive and goal-oriented, but not a "tennis factory." Our son has gone for the last two summers, and intends to go this coming summer again. We highly recommend Chris Lewit Tennis Academy!

reviews-10 Parent- California

In addition to his skills as a tennis coach, Chris has the added advantage of being able to communicate his tennis philosophies through his writing. Given that I live in California, that is exactly how I found Chris. His approach of blending the best European and American techniques into one consistent approach was very appealing. I thought it would be valuable to expose my 14-year old son who is a competitive tennis player to Chris' ideas and therefore we visited Chris. My expectations were entirely exceeded and my son still uses Chris' training techniques on a weekly basis. Chris also set the right tone with my son - his training sessions were fun, but there was an underlying sense of discpline and he imparted some useful life lessons along the way. All in all, it was a hugely positive experience and well worth our effort. We hope to be back next summer.

reviews-10 Dave D. - Parent

Chris Lewit is a phenomenal tennis coach and mentor. We researched out the best coach to help guide us through the Spanish Way of tennis. After reading Chris’s book, we knew we’d found the right resource. Our girls had the pleasure of attending his tennis camp in Vermont. The group setting, instruction and facility were just what we were looking for. The girls worked so well with Chris that we flew him out to train with our girls in our hometown. He’s very interested in our girls success and helps guide us through tournament selection and training plans. I’d highly recommend you working with him.

reviews-10 Michael Z. - Parent

Our two children work with Chris. They have both have benefitted tremendously from Chris’s summer camp over the past 2 summers, and by occasionally visiting him in NY during the off-season. Chris provides a truly unique opportunity for talented and ambitious players. We have also experienced the well-known Florida academies and they simply do not compare. We feel so fortunate to have Chris’s camp located in New England. This is primarily because Chris takes personal ownership of each student and their progress. He follows them through their camp experience to make sure they are improving and using the best techniques. Campers and their parents leave with a clear understanding of what to work on and how to do it. Chris is also very unique in the way that he respects parents and accepts that they are an important part of their children’s tennis development, whether or not they are accomplished tennis players. Parents can speak freely when in the company of Chris, and I find this very refreshing. Importantly, Chris will not hold your children back. He will move them forward into the “real game of tennis”. He does not force young players to play red ball or use any colors. He has ways to adapt his coaching so that competitive minded players of all ages can play with yellow balls. Chris is well recognized for his outstanding coaching on serving and many families travel to him with this in mind. He hires outstanding coaches to assist with the summer camp and goes all out to provide top notch, highly rigorous fitness coaching as well. I highly recommend Chris Lewit as a coach, as well as his summer camp for all serious players that want to excel, improve their standings and achieve national rankings.

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