4 Drills to Help You Prepare for Summer Tennis Camp

Tennis Camp - Young Boy Playing Tennis

If you’ve already signed up for one of our adidas Tennis Camps this summer, chances are you’re already excited about joining us, and we’re looking forward to having you! It’s no secret that tennis is one of the greatest sports out there. It requires endurance and concentration, but it’s a game that’s also a lot of fun.

While our camps are the best around and put an emphasis on creating a positive atmosphere to learn and grow in, it’s never too early to improve on your own before actually getting to camp.

We have a bunch of instructional tips on our website to help you keep improving long after the final day of camp comes and goes, and we want you to take advantage of them!

Consistency and Concentration

As already mentioned above, success in tennis includes being able to stay concentrated, and being consistent isn’t a bad thing, either! Here’s a great six-minute video that provides four drills specifically geared towards those two goals.

The drills are as follows:

— How many balls in a row?
— Five sets of 3 balls each
— How many out of 10?
— Five balls to reach 30

These are drills, but it’s very easy to make a little game out of it, whether you’re doing the drills on your own or with a friend.

Building Muscle Memory

It doesn’t really matter what sport you play because they all have one thing in common: practicing will help you get better! While practicing is important, we also want to make sure you practice the right way and are creating some good habits as you continue building that muscle memory.

Training your body is very helpful because once there has been enough repetition during practice time, making those movements and hitting those shots will just feel like second nature. Check out this video for some more tips.

Coordination and Ball Control

What did you think after hitting a tennis ball with your racquet for the first time? You probably thought about how much harder it is to control the ball than you thought! It takes practice and hard work to have it become second nature, but as you can see in this video, it can also be a lot of fun.

Caterpiller Drill (Footwork)

Advanced tennis players do a lot of things very well, but one common trait they all share is impeccable footwork. That’s not by accident! Knowing how to position yourself properly will enable you to put as much power as possible into your shot!

However, something that sounds boring can very easily be a fun game.

We know you’re going to be learning a lot with us during a summer tennis camp, but if you can’t wait until then to participate in some fun drills and games, these four will tide you over until you can join us on the court!

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