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What makes an adidas Tennis Camp stand out from the rest of our competition? Sure, we have different camp options offered throughout 19 different states and welcome athletes of all skill levels from the ages of 8 through 18, but we wouldn’t be one of the industry leaders without providing top-notch coaching and instruction available to our campers.

The biggest reason as to why we rise above the rest is that our staff is dedicated to providing individual attention to every single camper who joins us in the summer. No matter what your skill level is, we have tennis lessons designed specifically for you. This allows you to leave us feeling as though you’re a better player than when you arrived.

While there are overnight, extended day, day and half-day camp options that have varying time commitments, there is plenty of time to learn everything needed to excel on the court. Some of the training focuses include: being a good sport, perfecting the serve, improving form, playing with integrity, setting goals and preparing mentally.

Campers will get 30 hours of instruction, which includes plenty of one-on-one time because we focus on maintaining a small camper-to-coach ratio. Once the camp you’ve attended is complete, you’ll be able to serve better and swing better (both forehand and backhand), along with conquering the mental aspect of the game, which is sometimes the hardest thing to do!

In order to accomplish these goals and get top instruction, we bring in well-respected coaches from the game every single year. Which coaches could you get exposure to? Here are some that joined us for camps last summer:

— Brian Jackson: Director of Tennis, Pacific University
— Conor Smith: Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Bowdoin College
— David Donn: Men’s & Women’s Tennis Coach, Washington College
— Eric Steidlmayer: Head Men’s Tennis Coach, UC Davis
— Michael Filipek: Head Tennis Professional & Junior Tennis Development Director in Manhattan
— Mike Guastelle: Director of Tennis, Sacred Heart University
— Rex Ecarma: Head Men’s Tennis Coach, University of Louisville
— Sadhaf Pervez: Drake University

As mentioned above, there are a lot of adidas Tennis Camps offered throughout the country. While no two experiences are exactly the same, there is indeed one thing they all have in common: the caliber of the instruction! Directors will compile their staff with fantastic tennis minds that are friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated to help you reach your full potential and have some fun in the process!

Tennis is a sport that requires endurance and concentration, but it’s also one of the greatest sports out there. It’s often referred to as a “sport of a lifetime” because you’re able to play it for much longer than any other sport. Now is the time to nurture that interest, and we’re proud to have the best coaches around to help make that happen!

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