3 Tennis Drills to Practice Solo

If you’ve attended one of our adidas Tennis Camps, you know that our camp directors and coaches spend a lot of time getting to know our camps and providing individualized instruction that really takes their game to the next level.

We welcome tennis players of all ages and athletic ability with enthusiasm and acceptance and evaluate their current skill level upon arriving so we can provide them with the proper instruction to see real improvement before camp is over at the end of the week. Once all that stuff is out of the way, that’s when we can have some fun in a positive environment. Tennis is a solo sport, but it really is a lot of fun to work on improving with others, whether it’s one-on-one instruction or team instruction.

What happens after one of our Connecticut Tennis Camps finishes and you have to head home, though? Some players have a great facility where they’re around many other tennis players with the same goals of improving as them, but there are going to be times when others aren’t around, and you want to spend some time partaking in drills and getting better on the court. So how can you effectively do that? Here are three drills that any tennis player can do by themselves in order to make some progress toward their goals – whatever they may be.

Use a Ball Machine

While finding a good ball machine is an expensive endeavor, see if there is a local shop or facility that’ll either let you borrow or rent it out for a period of time. What makes a ball machine such a valuable piece of equipment is that tennis players can literally practice every aspect of their game with just one machine. Feel like working on your forehand? How about the backhand or overhead shots? All of that is possible, as well as your approach to the next and volleys if either of those need work.

Find a Good Wall

If you don’t have a partner to volley with, there’s nothing wrong with finding a good wall or backboard on a court to practice different parts of your game. Unlike finding and/or buying a ball machine, this is a great option because it can be completely free.

Some tennis courts have a backboard available, but if you can’t find one like there, it’s just as easy to find parts of a building with no windows nearby, which is important for all the obvious reasons. Whenever you do find a spot, it’s a good idea to find a spot to consistently aim at as you go through whatever drills you’d like to work on.

Self-Feed Balls on Ground Strokes

If there are different types of shots you’d like to practice on and you’d also like to practice hitting those shots to different areas of the court, you can also feed yourself the ball and play it off of one bounce.

All you need here is a tennis basket to hold balls while you’re practicing, and either cones, discs, or tape available so you can predetermine exactly where you’d like to hit certain shots. Have a game plan for drills such as this because it’ll allow you to stay focused throughout while also keeping yourself accountable in the process.