3 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Attending Summer Tennis Camp

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In order to truly take your tennis game to the next level, it only makes sense to find the right summer tennis camp to attend. And when it comes to finding some of the best in the country to choose from, your search can end right here!

Why? That’s because adidas Tennis Camps are the best around. We offer camps in 19 states across the country, and while no two camps are the same, they all stress on creating and positive and fun environment for campers to participate in.

Our camps don’t last long – only a few days out of your summer – but you’ll get a whopping 30 hours of instruction from our top-notch coaching staff. A low camper-to-coach ratio also allows for ample one-on-one time, which our coaches love since they’re dedicated to the individual improvement of everyone they come into contact with.

By the time you have to check out and head back home, you’ll be able to serve better, swing better – on both your forehand and backhand – and be able to conquer other aspects of the game.

With all that said, how can you fully take advantage of attending a summer tennis camp to ensure it’s the most memorable week of your summer? Here are four ways to do it.

Don’t Wait!

There is honestly no time like the present! We hear people say it all the time – they want to accomplish a few more things or get some more experience under their belt before jumping into a summer camp like ours.

But instead of signing up for a camp next year, they say the same exact thing and eventually never get themselves there.

At our adidas Tennis Camps, age and skill level don’t matter, which is why a positive and fun environment is so important to cultivate. We welcome tennis players between the ages of 8 and 18 to get trained by our experts.

It also doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced high school player or just starting in the sport – our personal approach allows for everyone to walk away as an improved player.

Learn Everything We Have to Offer Before Coming

Since we only have a few days with you at camp, it’s important that we pack the daily schedule with as many drills, games and other activities as possible. It’s always good to have an idea of what to expect at camp before showing up, which is why we have some highlights on our site, including what a typical daily schedule would look like.

You’ll get more specifics about the camp you’re most interested in once you’ve registered, as well.

Don’t Just Focus on Things on the Court

Tennis is a very physical sport with a lot of action, but a lot of the grind has to do with the mental side of the game. That’s why we find time in between instruction to focus on that by providing mental edge training, goal setting and bringing in guest instructors to continually give players different perspectives.

Interested in signing up for an adidas Tennis Camp this summer? Click here to find a camp near you and receive more information.