Tennis Players Are Never Too Young

Adidas Camp Counselor coaching a male Tennis Camper

Are you a tennis player that would really like to spend some of your summer at a tennis camp to improve your skills? Or are you completely new to the sport and would like to find a place where you can learn how to play in a fun and positive environment?

Well, we’ve got just the solution for you at adidas tennis camps.

A common question we receive from those interested in one of our camps revolves around the age and skill levels of those in attendance. Some people want to attend a camp, but are hesitant to do so because there’s nothing available that will truly help them get better while having a good time.

We pride ourselves on having the top coaches in the sport instructing campers every single year while also being sure that we cater to all ages and skill levels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a top high school player or a complete beginner – our programs are designed to accommodate all skill levels.

As for the age of campers we see on an annual basis, they can range from 7 to 18. So, we’ve got something for everyone at all of our adidas tennis camps across the country! The first thing coaches will do is group campers by their age before regrouping them based off both age and ability. This way, everyone in attendance will feel challenged enough where they’ll see visible improvement in their on-court skills.

Our coaches form these camps with the idea of creating as much of a personalized touch as possible for each young athlete that joins us. This grouping and then regrouping of players allows the staff to tailor specific drills that are well suited for each camper. We only have a limited amount of time to work on your skills, so we make sure that the drills we pick are the most useful to help you take your game to the next level!

The camp experience itself isn’t the only one-size-fits-all approach, either. Depending on how crazy your schedule is during the summer, you have the option to select which type of camp fits, based on location.

The three main kinds of summer tennis camps we offer include overnight, extended day, and day camps. You can read about the differences between these three offerings right here.

We can also guarantee that all of the coaches on our staff are dedicated to the improvement and personal development of each and every player that joins us for a summer tennis camp. The sport has brought them so much joy – among other things – in their lifetime, and they want to make sure everyone has the same kind of experience.

Tennis is a great sport because you never have to actually stop playing it – that’s why it’s considered the “sport of a lifetime.” The earlier you start playing tennis, the more time you have to improve and truly enjoy it for years down the road. So, if you haven’t started yet, now is the best time to make summer tennis camp a new yearly tradition for you!

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