How to Choose the Right Summer Tennis Camp to Attend

There are tons of summer tennis camps across the country to choose from each year. They all have their good qualities and share the same general goal of helping tennis players improve their game, but who is the best at doing just that?

Well, we’re probably a little biased, but it’s pretty clear that adidas Tennis Camp is the place to be this summer. We’re proud to have a dedicated coaching staff that includes some of the game’s top minds join us to provide top-notch instruction to campers. Our coaches include former tennis pros, proven college coaches and current college all-stars.

That’s not the only thing that should go into your decision-making process for which tennis camp is the one to attend this summer, though. The following four things are also important.

A Clear Mission

Every camp has a mission to help youth athletes, but it needs to be totally clear. Ours is – we were developed to provide opportunities for campers to become better tennis players in a positive and fun environment.

We want the week you spend with us to be the most memorable and enjoyable one of your entire summer, along with empowering you to leave camp with the confidence and passion to enjoy the sport.

Strong Core Values

A clear mission is great, but that’s not everything. Camps need to have strong pillars on which to build upon that are their core values. We take this very seriously, and four of our five core values are: excellence, fun, improvement and sportsmanship.

From start to finish, we want your experience with us to be unforgettable – and in the best way possible. That’s why we have a progressive instruction curriculum and offer superior customer service.

Through setting goals and getting personal attention, our staff is committed to each camper seeing visible improvement in their game, but also having fun. Tennis is a game, after all!

We also want to preach teamwork through leadership opportunities for anyone who joins us each summer.

Committed to Keeping Everyone Safe

Our fifth and final core value is safety, and we singled that one out because we know how important it is. Depending on which camp you choose, it can sometimes be unnerving for parents to drop you off and leave you there for a few days.

That’s why we promote a safe and healthy camp environment with a responsible staff that supervises all camp activities. They’re trained to be role models for campers – both on and off the court.

Dedication to Developing the Whole Athlete

We’re proud that our adidas Tennis Camps are officially partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance, and they’re the only tennis camps in the country with fully Double-Goal Certified camp directors.

The PCA is a non-profit organization that’s committed toward developing a well-rounded athlete. Their credo is to create “Better Athletes, Better People” and they take it very seriously.

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