7 Things You’ll Receive at Tennis Summer Camp

Tennis Practice - Tennis Camper

Having the opportunity to attend an adidas Tennis Camp this summer is something you should absolutely take advantage of. Obviously, the main motivation for registering and participating in one (or more than one) revolves around taking your game to the next level, and attending one of our tennis camps is the best way to make that happen.

Every single year, we ensure that our campers will be learning from some of the sport’s best coaches in both a fun and positive environment. That’s an important detail – at the end of the day, tennis is a game and it’s supposed to be fun.

We build our camps on five distinct core values: excellence, fun, improvement, safety and sportsmanship. To reach their potential, athletes must come into contact with each of these values, which is what our goal is for every camp.

A common question we receive from athletes and parents every year includes: “What can I expect/learn from tennis camp?”

Every camp is different, but they’re all set up in order for our participants to experience the following seven things, allowing them to take what they learned home and apply it in future seasons.


30 Hours of Tennis Instruction

You’ve heard the old adage that you should practice how you play. It’s sometimes tough to do that without a lot of instruction or fellow tennis players nearby. You won’t have that problem here!


Opportunity for one-on-one Tennis Instruction

Learning how to improve your game while being part of a group is a wonderful skill to acquire, but each tennis player is different and unique from one another. Having solo time with an instructor can help them find something that will take your game to another level.


Guest instructors and lecturers

Just as every player is special and unique to one another, the same goes for instructors and coaches. We strive to bring in as many different points of view as possible to help you see the game from plenty of angles.


Videotape analysis (in select locations)

Have you seen what your footwork and swing looks like on film? Not many have, but it can be a very useful tool when it comes to finding small details that could aid in improving your game by leaps and bounds.


Mental edge training

Being a successful tennis player is as much physical as it is mental – possibly even more. It’s important to stay physically fit, but we provide ways to keep your mind fit, too.


Conditioning and nutritional programs

You didn’t think we’d just talk about the mental side of the game without addressing the physical part, did you? As athletes, your body is your greatest tool, and it’s important to know how to best fuel it for optimum performance.


Goal setting worksheet

Having the goal of becoming a better tennis player is great, but goals are most helpful when they’re visible and attainable.

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