Qualities You Should Look for in a Tennis Camp

The reason(s) why someone signs up and attends summer tennis camp normally varies from person to person. With that in mind, it’s very important to know the principles on which certain camps are built upon and whether or not they align with exactly what you’re looking for.

At adidas Tennis Camps, we focus just as much on the off-court aspect of the game as we do the on-court aspect. Providing a full experience that’s fun and unforgettable on multiple levels is important, but also something you’d like to come back and participate in every single year.

When it comes down to defining our mission, it’s actually pretty simple. These tennis camps were created to provide athletes with the opportunity to become better players in a fun and positive atmosphere. To help make this a reality, we bring in coaches and players from the pinnacle of the sport.

While an adidas Tennis Camp you attend in California will likely be at least slightly different to one you’d attend in Connecticut, every single camp we’re in charge of is built upon the same five core values. These values are: excellence, fun, improvement, safety and sportsmanship.

Excellence is important because we want to provide the best in every single aspect. Providing an unforgettable experience of receiving youth instruction from a dedicated staff with a progressive curriculum and top-notch customer service is how we make that a reality. After all, this is supposed to be fun!

Which leads us to our next core value. By surrounding campers with passionate staff and a creative daily schedule, lasting memories and friendships are created every single year. Everything our campers participate in has a concrete purpose to it and fosters meaningful interaction, which can very easily be overlooked.

Having fun at camp is good, but we understand the underlying reason why you’re joining is to see improvement in some part(s) of your game. Our staff carefully maps out unique opportunities to accomplish this, including personal interaction, setting goals and being dedicated to the individual development of everyone in attendance.

Safety is something we take very seriously because if there’s not a safe and healthy environment for campers to participate in, it’s very hard for them to feel comfortable, get any better or see any improvement! All activities are supervised by our responsible staff, which is trained to be role models, both on and off the court.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a focus on sportsmanship. Teamwork is a part of tennis that we touch on through leadership opportunities, leading to on-field lessons of integrity, honesty and mutual encouragement.

Like we said earlier, the reason(s) why and where you want to attend tennis camp are entirely up to you. Before signing up for one, it’s important to see what each camp has to offer and what their core values are to make sure it’s the best fit for your needs.

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